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Echo Kyoko Reference by xXKittyRawrXx Echo Kyoko Reference :iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 2 0
Holly and I
I stare across the lazy water
Past the place where we were slaughtered,
Into the crimson blood
Resting in a pool by her old clothes covered in mud.
I spotter her, sitting there...
Her heart was stained with meloncholy,
She had a name; We called her Holly.
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 0
Kuro Lolita by xXKittyRawrXx Kuro Lolita :iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 2 0 Facee by xXKittyRawrXx Facee :iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 1 7
From her dark cloud leaks dainty rhymes,
She quotes sentimental love verses; line by line.
The feeling overwhelms her head....
Her hunger for him is never fed.
Longing slowly consumes her mind....
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 0
sdfghjk by xXKittyRawrXx sdfghjk :iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 1 18
Be My Drug
If i paint the sky at the night time,
And if i color your world at the right time,
Will you be my pill and make me high?
And confess that you never want me to say good bye.
Will you be my alcohol and always make my vision blurry?
And tell me to never fear and never worry.
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 0
Decode the hurt
As i fell and convulsed on the ground,
Someone whispered to me that i am despised.
And i from there i lost my sense of reality
Now i cant decode my hurt from your pain;
The feelings that we both share.
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 2 0
Depressing Melodies
I was told you said i was depressed,
To a little bird,
And that i was severly hurt.
As you did not notice my tears fall;
Into my hand,
That you used to hold.
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 3
Regretful Heart Frozen Over
Cold kiss.
Cold lips.
Cold heart I can't dismiss.
Tears wash away my smile,
My heart races for a mile.
I don't want to be hurt more, So we must part.
Before we are both sore.
Caring for you only wounds my heart.
Such a feeling cannot exist or start.
I think that maybe.. Yes...
I'll clean up this mess,
And never fall in love again...
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 0
When Your Secret Was Revealed
Hearing their screams makes me cringe,
It Leaves me with a laughless tinge.
Seeing the grief on your face
Takes away the happiness I cannot retrace
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 0
I Just Don't Understand
I just cant see,
Why you have to look right through me.
I thought you loved me, like how i love you,
But i guess you love her more.
You ignoring me makes my heart so sore.
You tore my heart, right in half.
Instead of sorry, you sit with your girlfriend and laugh.
I just cant understand.
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 0
No Escape
There is no where to run.
No where to hide.
When you are running from yourself,
Dying on the inside.
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 0
Mature content
Lucid Terror :iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 2
After Tonight
Where are all the boys that accuse me?
Where are all the girls that beat me down and bruise me?
They hide just out of sight;
They can't face me in the light.
They'll come in the middle of the night,
But i will be ready to fight.
For my life,
By my side i'll wield my knife
And cut them all down;
The same way they pushed me around.
Day after day
My life was a living hell,
Now theirs will be as well.
After tonight, they won't have a thing to say;
Not that they would be able to speak anyway.
Their lips will be sewn shut
Their faces will be all cut.
Their arms will be slit.
Their lives will be split;
Right in half.
And I will stand there and laugh.
:iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 0 0
Crumbling Sanity by xXKittyRawrXx Crumbling Sanity :iconxxkittyrawrxx:xXKittyRawrXx 2 1


You Likin' the Stache? by Insanityisthefuture You Likin' the Stache? :iconinsanityisthefuture:Insanityisthefuture 14 40 Cut All Ties by Gvven Cut All Ties :icongvven:Gvven 6 0 Shut your mouth by Tinachan90 Shut your mouth :icontinachan90:Tinachan90 169 60 We're All Mad Here by Alymonster We're All Mad Here :iconalymonster:Alymonster 3 0 And I Have A Question... by MomoKittyCakes And I Have A Question... :iconmomokittycakes:MomoKittyCakes 23 6 Sparkler Love... by Insanityisthefuture Sparkler Love... :iconinsanityisthefuture:Insanityisthefuture 18 10 Hello? by Insanityisthefuture Hello? :iconinsanityisthefuture:Insanityisthefuture 13 13 Andrea Collab with Kittah by NuciComs Andrea Collab with Kittah :iconnucicoms:NuciComs 14 29 I probably won't finish this. by MomoKittyCakes I probably won't finish this. :iconmomokittycakes:MomoKittyCakes 14 5 Umbreon by Kilala04 Umbreon :iconkilala04:Kilala04 2,543 196 PNG Pride by Abfc
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PNG Pride :iconabfc:Abfc 635 282
So Many Stamps Stamp by neek-zique
Mature content
So Many Stamps Stamp :iconneek-zique:neek-zique 4,299 206
spartacus stamp by secretbear spartacus stamp :iconsecretbear:secretbear 319 97



United States
Age? 14
Height? 5'4"
Birthday? December 5th
Likes? blood, drawing, poetry, milk, cats, MUSIC, chapstick
Dislikes? meat, snobs, people who are close-minded
Can i I.M. you on MSN? SURE! I would LOVE to talk to you! See above to mah MSN thing! ↑ (:

Current Residence: Panama City, Florida
Favourite genre of music: rock and metal
Favourite style of art: manga/gorey/realistic
Personal Quote: "...Because truth is not good enough. Sometimes, people deserve more."
  • Eating: my blood. yeah. my nose started bleeding--
  • Drinking: --and im too lazy to get up. so im eating it.
What is your name- Roxie
Height- 5'3".
Weight- like 80-85 lbs
Best quality- im persuasive and a huge schmoozer in real life
Nickname- Rawksie, Sandrock, Sandrockafelious, Rouxie, Rocky
Hair color- dark brown with purple streaks
Age- 14.
Birth date- December 5th, 1995
Current Location- Panama City, Florida

night or day- midnight.
sweet or sour- yum.
Chocolate or vanilla- Chocolate always<3
beer or hard liquor- hmm.. beer most nights. if im pissed id have liquor.
black or white- does it matter?
personality or looks- personality... but looks are sexy<3
cats or dogs- Kittehs

Been in love- not sure
drank until you blacked out- too many times
Skipped school- fun fun(:
Drank alcohol- duh.
smoked a cigarette- who hasnt at least once?
smoked weed- omg yes.
snuck out of the house- just last night i took ryan's car... lol muthafkka leaving his keys out.. (:

Whats the worst thing that has ever happened to you- *no comment*
What do you think happens when you die- well, you.. you know.. die. and stuff. yeah.
Do you believe in karma- somewhat
Believe in god- eh, why not?
personality or looks- uhm.. didnt i just answer this?
do you have a job- part time
If you had one wish, what would it be- To live in the same city as Allen again

Color- idontcare
Store- idontcare
Food- idontcare
Book- Pet Cemetery
Music- idontcare depends on my moooooodddd
Season- summer

Piercings- eyebrow ring and belly button ring
Tattoos- lol.
how do you want to die- Old age.
Do you want to get married- Yes.
Do you want kids- maybe
Do you drink- hell yeah
Smoke- not cigs.. eew
Your most missed memory- idontcare
What do you want to do when you are done with high school- go to a kickass college and get a kickass job



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